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The term derived from the Insance Clown Posse in the late 80's at the start of their career. It was mainly meant to define people who were to different ,like them, to be accepted in other social groups and they can socialize and relate to one another but with no offense to anyone else. A juggalo is not a fan or groupie of the Insane Clown Posse, that would just be a fan. It's more of a state of mind and a real juggalo never stereotypes him/herself just like the punks did in the 70's, but just like the punks, juggalos were misunderstood, manipulated and exploited in being something that they're not. A juggalo has nothing to do with ICP's music, style, or often times offensive lyrics. The deeper meaning of juggalo falls into category with originality. ICP calls themselves juggalos, they can't possibly be a fan of their own music especially when the term was made up before they were big.
guy 1: check out that juggalo man
guy 2: he's not a juggalo, look at the t-shirt he's wearing, he's defeating the whole purpose.
by sokal November 03, 2005

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