3 definitions by soilduck

1. A fashionable cyclist, whose clothing of choice is lycra.

2. A cyclist whom is unfamiliar with courtesy and often forgets road-rules.

3. A cyclist whom looks down on less fashionable and less-well equipped cyclists.

Plural: A pack of lycrists
Person 1: I came off my bike on my way to work.

Person 2: How come?

Person 1: Damned cyclist pushed me off the side of the road.

Person 2: Lycrists!
by soilduck August 4, 2009
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A person who likes to tell 'Ya Momma' jokes.
Person 1: Sorry for the yeasty smell.
Person 2: That is what Ya Momma said to me last night. Boo Yah!
Person 1: Man, you are a real Mummery.
by soilduck February 23, 2009
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1. Used to describe something that is awesome, cool, amazing, fantastic etc. 2. Used as an exclamation.
Person 1: Want to come over to my place for beer and pizza?
Person 2: For sure. Rad Whales!
by soilduck August 3, 2009
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