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A group of enfranchised individuals who delude themselves into thinking that their vote actually counts for something, every time an election occurs.
George W treated the body politic like Nero treated the masses of Rome - by providing Bread and Circuses - in order to disguise the real issues (or an actual lack of them).
by sociopath9 January 22, 2010

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1) Island state south of Victoria, Australia.

2) Last penal colony in Australia, managed by the original Capt (then Govenor) Bligh of "Mutiny on the Bounty" fame (see - Loser).

3) A place with such a small gene pool that you can get married and divorced three times and still have the same inlaws.
Bill: "Why has Wendy got that awful scar on the side of her neck?"

Bob: "She's from Tasmania. It's from when they removed the extra head."
by sociopath9 May 02, 2009

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Originally: Genetically compromised offspring proportedly the result of multiple male partners with one female. Hence, Cluster Fuck. Similar to Stupid, Disorganised, Loser, Tosser. A hopeless case. Sometimes shorteded to 'Cluster'.

Interchangeable with GO FUCK, FUCK OFF, FUCK UP, FUCK OFF, BALLS UP.

Derivation: Military

Also refers to a hopelessly compromised situation.
Example: James failed the public service entrance exam three times. What a clusterfuck! (often contracted to 'What a cluster!')

Example: When on exercise, they were ordered to turn the camouflage net over to be the same as all the others. Pity it didnt match the surrounds. What a clusterfuck (gofuck, fuckoff, fuckup, ballup, cluster!
by sociopath9 April 15, 2009

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