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A slang term for getting high off of cat urine, also known as cheesing
Did you get your Vitamin Cheese today?

Yeah dude, I'm cheesing my f'ing brains out right now!
by snowskate March 30, 2008

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Similar to (and pronounced the same as) ftw but targeted at a vietnamese audience
Did you hear? Yao Ming got signed with the Rockets.

Yeah dude! Yao Ming For the Nguyen!
by snowskate March 10, 2008

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A popular dish in the ghettos, usually eaten by bloods
Blood #1: What are you eatin, homie?
Blood #2: Im dinin on some Fish n Crypts
by snowskate March 09, 2008

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When somebody takes so much NyQuil that they never wake up
Dude did you year about Tim? Homeboy overdosed on some NyKill
by snowskate March 09, 2008

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