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when you have a project or anything really due at a certain time and you don’t wanna do it whatsoever, you always say “eh i’ll do it in 10 minutes”. 10 minutes as in an hour before the class that it’s due in.
Friend: hey have you finished that presentation about Australia??
You: eh i’ll do it in 10 minutes
by snoopdoggsbigtoe September 12, 2021
Probably the worst group of people you’ll ever meet. From a range of old white men who decide womens rights and a women named Amy Coney Barrett who’s the definition of dog shit. I’ts filled with greedy conservatives who want to take peoples rights away.
What’s the biggest life scam ever??”
“The Supreme Court”
by snoopdoggsbigtoe July 4, 2022
Someone who gets too much hate, sure he’s a bit slow and in my opinion is a little too old to be president and there are definitely better people out there. BUT he’s better than Donald Trump, but the point is here is that conservatives give him too much shit for crap he can’t control. First is his speech impediment. republicans keep making fun of it which is disgusting. doesn’t even need to be discussed further, don’t make fun of people for their struggles. Second is the gas prices in America, hell yeah they’re high, but the moment you realize someone’s retarded is when they say it’s Biden’s fault. when oil manufacturers figure out he wants to go electric to SAVE THIS GOD DAMN EARTH. They don’t like that, so they raise the gas prices to piss people off. That didn’t happen when trump was in office because he doesn’t give a flying fuck about our planet.
“dudddde sleepy Joe Biden can’t even make a speech without stuttering
“and you can’t even understand that you’re a dick”
by snoopdoggsbigtoe July 4, 2022
someone who calls a refrigerator an ice box, lives in a trailer, leaves their christmas tree up for two years, votes for trump, and wears tank tops and jean shorts every day, etc.
god he’s a such a hillbilly
by snoopdoggsbigtoe August 18, 2021
Probably the most lovable character in any show series you have ever watched. he’s intimidating, but soft inside, and has the best taste in music ever. his character is portrayed amazingly by the one and only Joseph Quinn, who is also the best human being alive. overall, basically Eddie Munson AND Joseph Quinn are basically the human definition of husband material.
me: “dude i’m literally in love with Eddie Munson..”
someone: “he’s literally a fictional character from a netflix series
by snoopdoggsbigtoe July 4, 2022
it’s basically when you find people in masks hot
that jason vorhees thirst trap really made my mask kink kick in..
by snoopdoggsbigtoe August 18, 2021