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Spotted as a license plate on a Saab motorcar in the state of Vermont, presumably indicating the owner's membership in both the club of sans noblesse and those who have a Saab.
She wore Birkenstocks. She drove an '82 Saab. She bought local, organic food from the Farmer's Market. She was, in short and in essence, a snaab.
by snaab May 13, 2005

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a combination of creepy and sexy; causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease, while also being sexually attractive and arousing
The registered sex offender across the street who mows the lawn with no shirt on is totally creexy.

That zombie in lingerie is so creexy, she gives me dreams and nightmares at the same time.
by SNAAB August 16, 2012

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Fusion of spectacular and fantastic. Intended to imply both spacious and visionary qualities.
The Pacific when viewed from Central America's continental divide is spantacular, especially under heavy influence of psilocybin.
by snaab May 13, 2005

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1. Possessive of dusty or dry nature, esp. in reference to airborne particulate matter.

2. Describing the curiously perverted feeling derived from reading the kind of United States history textbooks whose authors fail to recognize their sacred patriotism for the pitifully misplaced tribalism it actually is.
1. Walking the southwest road out from Detroit, destined for Gary, I breathed shallow gulps of chuffly, tortured air and gagged on my terminal misfortune.

2. As a child I suffered through many chuffly evenings pondering such blisteringly dull questions as 'was the Civil War fought primarily on economic grounds, or were humanitarian concerns a significant factor?'
by snaab May 13, 2005

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Subjective first-person account of Aldous Huxley's multiple mescaline experiences.
After reading heaven and hell, I (i) itched to get some mescaline into my brain and (ii) resolved to never trip while in an art gallery. Such activity generates verbal diarrhea.
by snaab April 08, 2005

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