A term referring to the highly deviant sexual practice of blowing snot from both nostrils onto a partner's anus(This style of phlegm ejection commonly being called a farmer blow) and then using the resulting mess for lubrication during anal sex.
It was allergy season, and he was out of lube anyway, so Jason decided to go for the Farmer's Market.
by Clint Russell August 29, 2006
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A girl with two very different sized breasts.
Her chest was a Farmers Market, but she only wanted me to enjoy the grapefruit on the right, not the poor lonely left lemon.
by saint_adventure October 1, 2014
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(v)--To penetrate someone anally in an environment in which organic and/or animal-friendly goods are sold for a reasonable price from canvas or hemp kiosks by men and women in overalls or felt hats.
Steve: Hey John, have you seen Mary?

John: Why yes, Steve, I believe I saw her being farmers' marketed over by the strawberry stands!
by Sean Buford and Shane Cooter January 7, 2009
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An young urban dwelling woman with an earthy style who can often be found looking for fresh organic produce at local farmers markets or Whole Foods. The farmer's market girl shops at the gap and urban outfitters, drives a hybrid car, takes her dog to the local dog park, recycles, and wears very little make up. Her causes are animal rights and saving the planet. She shuns the glitz and glamour associated with big city life and favors communing with nature.
The girl I saw jogging with her dog on Fountain Avenue was a total farmers market girl. I don't think I should ask her to go with me to Area on Friday.
by Anne Boelyn April 26, 2007
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Another way of saying something is really good.

See also: cool, awesome, sweet, etc.
Your kicks lookin' farmer's market fresh, boy!

Man, I'm feelin' farmer's market fresh right now.
by mabou May 13, 2016
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AKA an Alabama Family Reunion. Any family get together in the south in which family members attend with the intention of having sex with other family members.
Hey Cletus! I can't wait to go to the Alabama Farmer's Market this weekend and fuck my cousin!
by ridespacemountain December 22, 2016
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