4 definitions by smartkid

The smartest, sexiest, nicest and prettiest girl you'll ever meet. She is also way awesome at sports which makes her an all rounder.
Wow that girl is hawt..
What would you expect, she's a nimani.
by smartkid April 26, 2015
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a badass type of rifle which fires an extremely fast projectile. Used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Eraser.
Jesus loves rail guns.
by smartkid June 09, 2005
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(n) 1. A drop of 6 feet (2 yards).
2. What exists before you fill in someone's grave.
3. A hole leading straight to the very bowels of Hell, where you will burn in its fires for all eternity.
4. A drop leading into an animal cage at the Philadelphia Zoo, which is reached by crossing under a fence.
1. -Ouch man, that must have been a 6 foot drop!
-Haha you're a dumbass.

2. At the funeral Ryan ran but fell down a 6 foot drop into his third cousin's grave.

3. -Why is it so hot down here?
-Man, we shouln't have gone down that 6 foot drop.
-Shit man this sucks!
-<voice of Satan> Hahahahahahahaha!

4. -You dont want to be doing that little girl, that's a 6 foot drop!
by smartkid June 09, 2005
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The Witch King of Angmar. An extremely badass villain from The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. He is the Lord of the Nazgul, greatest of the Nine, in Gandalf's words. Flies around on a creature that kills Gondorian soldiers like they're ants. When on the ground, holds a huge-ass mace in one hand and a sword in the other. Leads the armies of Sauron to war. Has a badass image which is damaged when a woman (Eowyn from Rohan) kills him after giving a one-liner.
Do not come between a Nazgul and his prey.

Fool, no man can kill me!

I am no man!
by smartkid June 09, 2005
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