A cousin that shares a same pair of great great grandparents. Most people never met their third cousins. There’s plenty of people that never even met their second cousins.
I’m meeting my third cousin tomorrow who I’ve never even met before.
by Excrushman November 07, 2020
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1- Parent's second-cousin's child.
2- Grandparent's first-cousin's grandchild.
3- Great-grandparent's full sibling's great-grandchild.
4- Person who, in relation to the other person, has zero parents, zero grandparents, zero great-grandparents and two great-great-grandparents in common.
My third-cousin is a good person.
by Gerald128 May 15, 2021
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Third-cousin-ten-times-removed (3C10R).
My third-cousin-10X-removed is a good person.
by N8953SW June 26, 2021
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Third-cousin-eleven-removed (3C11R).
My third-cousin-11X-removed is a good person.
by N8953SW June 26, 2021
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