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a girl who is a snotnosed intolerable, spoiled cunt. Most likely was spoiled growing up with total control over her parents and expects the world to just be handed to her without having to work a day in her entire life. These girls are usually also a bit whoreish, and almost always bi-polar.
"That girl, Shelby? Yeah, she's a hardrcore Princess"
by slickbick March 10, 2012
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A guy who has a small penis and is a total crybaby, weak, and most usually very scrawny. Will also most likely wear Rock Revival jeans, and drive lifted trucks with ghetto wheels that will NEVER see mud.
Look at John and that truck, he must be a Little Dick Bitch.
by slickbick September 04, 2016
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Designated Ugly Fat Fuck
Dang, look at the girls. Kimberly must be The DUFF.
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by slickbick September 06, 2016
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