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The last remnants of the ancient realm of Numenor who came to Middle-earth after Numenor's destruction.

The Dunedain were descendants of Elrond's brother Elros, who chose to be counted amond Men, rather than Elves since he and Elrond are half man/half elf. Since Elros was half Elf, he lived three times longer than normal men, and died at the age of 500.

Since the Dunedain were descendants of he, they had the same long life. But after comming to Middle-Earth and mating with the humans already there, their long life diminished. However some still retained the gift of long life. Aragorn was 87 at the time of Lord of the Rings, and died at the age of 210.
Aragorn is one of the Dunedain, the last remnants of Numenor.
by skillz12387 March 20, 2004
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The elder son of Elendil, the first King of Arnor and Gondor. He was the older brother of Anarion. Isildur marched with his father to Mordor during the War of the Last Alliance, and cut the ring from Sauron's hand after Sauron killed Elendil, and the Elf King Gil-Galad. He then took the ring for his own.

From Elendil's death, Isildur inherited the kingship of Arnor in the north and Gondor in the south. However, he was only king for two years as he died in an orc ambush in the Disaster of the Gladden fields along with his two oldest sons. Isildur jumped in the river Anduin after becoming invisible from putting on the Ring, but the Ring betrayed him and slipped off his finger. After becoming visible, he was shot in the back by orc arrows.
Isildur was the King of Gondor who was corrupted by the Ring of Power.
by skillz12387 March 20, 2004
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Son of Steward Denethor II of Gondor, and elder brother of Faramir, Captain of the Ittlien Rangers. He journeyed to Rivendell and joined the Fellowship of the Ring.

Although having the best intentions to use the Ring to aid Gondor in the struggle against Sauron and the armies of Mordor, He didnt realize that the Ring would corrput all who desired it.

Boromir assaulted Frodo in the woods of Amon Hen for possession of the Ring, but soon thereafter realized his geat-mistake. Boromir then redeemed himself by fending off hordes of Orcs to save Merry and Pippin, but was eventually killed, and Merry and Pippin kidnapped.
Boromir was one of the most honorable characters in all of Lord of the Rings, but people cant see past his attempt to possess the Ring. He died valiantly and with honor.
by skillz12387 March 20, 2004
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