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An adjective used to describe that which is not only "technical", but, also "complicated".
Original Formula of Pythagorean Theorem:
(Crabs² + Syphillis²)= AIDs²
That shits technicated.
by sideshowsteve March 27, 2009

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the acquisition of patience for the mentally-incapacitated, often obtained through years of retarded interaction.
"Dude, this retard came in to my work today and would not shut up about bananas, but, i held my temper...that was some serious retolerance on my part."
by sideshowsteve April 01, 2009

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When a retarded dude/dudette comes and pisses on people from overhead and yells, "It's waining."
"Dude, ya gotta be careful..with all the retards around theres an 80% chance of re-cipitation."
by sideshowsteve April 01, 2009

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