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Why is it hard to describe her? She's incredibly down to earth. Awesome to talk to! Warmhearted. Loves talking about her ratchet internet. Funny, without even meaning to be. Caring and friendly? For sure!
Ughh! You're such a Sharilyn, we must talk more.
by sidandnancy July 25, 2014
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The main character on the Adult Swim show, "Squidbillies", one of the funniest and underrated shows on AS. He is a hillbilly squid living deep in the wilds of Georgia with his mother, sister Lil and his son Rusty. He drinks moonshine, commits armed robbery at the local store, fucks with the cops, grows ganja, and loves Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special. He had an illegitimate squid with an enormous white woman with a mullet who lives on a mattress in the town dump, always drinking a Big Gulp.
His sexiest accesory is a large donkey-penis hat that he wore to church.
Rusty: Is it my turn to drive, daddy?
Early: Do not touch the trim!

Deric from Pissfuck, KT is a loser version of Early Cuyler!
by sidandnancy June 15, 2007
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