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One way to describe someone's character. Pure, genuine, honest, beautiful, trustworthy, and also rare. Also can be a name derived from Asia meaning "the one."
1. It's quite a sharilyn day today with the bright sun and no clouds.
2. Hey Sharilyn, I love you!
by WillBeTheOne April 20, 2013
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Why is it hard to describe her? She's incredibly down to earth. Awesome to talk to! Warmhearted. Loves talking about her ratchet internet. Funny, without even meaning to be. Caring and friendly? For sure!
Ughh! You're such a Sharilyn, we must talk more.
by SidandNancy July 25, 2014
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Is a sweet, yet very very very strange girl. While slow on the uptake, its fun to watch the wheels turn in this poor confused young womens head. hopefully, she doesnt read this, cause then there will be one ryan whose ass is most certainly grass....
Sharilyn is.....daaammmmnnn
what was that shailyn? nothing? thats what i though
sos youre face sharilyn, so is your face
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