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a.k.a. affectionatly called "col" by a VERY select few

a pretty awesome kid who knows how to have fun

usually best friends with a Pimp Shizz Baby

past times include:
~eating soups and ramen
~world traveling
~Scuba Diving
"Gosh my life is so boring right now! I wish I had my Nicl"

A: "I'm hungry"
B: "Wanna eat?"
A: "Sure, what do you have?"
A: "Soup or Ramen"
B:"You're such a Nicl"
by Shiao October 06, 2012

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A cat call word used to yell at the top of your lungs when you are describing a hot ass girl or guy passing by. Not to be used with wannabe hotty teases who think they are hot but are NOT. ONLY used to describe female or male that everyone agrees is fine not just you.
Shiao babe...You know I had to yell out "shaio" when that fine ass girl was passing by; she turned around to look at me blushing and smiled.
by shiao September 09, 2006

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