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1.the most gangster person in a group
2.the buffest guy in a crowd/group/place
3.the guy who can bust bear good break dancing moves.
1.dat guys so gangster he must be shershah
2.dat guy is sooo fit/buff i tink im havin an or**sm
3.wow dat guys so good at break dancin he must be shershah
by shershah June 11, 2005

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where any random person get slapped by nxt people on da street,bus or anywhere else. dis behaviour has led to people being attacked burnt, set on fire, beaten up and even killed!so dont do it. dis is usually caught on video with a camera phone so if someone is coming towards u with a camera phone pointing it at u LEG IT!!
someone is sleeping on the bus and a person comes up to them with a camera phone and slaps them right across the face and legs it.
by shershah June 11, 2005

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a sick flick theme park but ders only like 4 of dem in britain and one in wales where i went on holiday its nang bang
"daddy daddy lets go to oakland tomorrow"
"shut the f*** up son we don't have enough money to"
by shershah June 11, 2005

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