9 definitions by shawn im so kool

the sudden urge to eat a "Big Mac" from miccie-dees (McDonald's). teary eyes and a drooling mouth are some symptoms.
kid:i am having a bic mac attack get me a dam burger!

me: Will some one get this kid a happy meal!!?!?!?!?
by shawn im so kool April 15, 2005
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the best song ever made by korn, who cant even spell thier name right, and probably the olny hit they are ever going to make.
moron: DDDDDDDUUUUUUDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEE do u listen to "korn's" song "word up"?!?!!??!

me: shut up u tree hugging hippie!
by shawn im so kool March 25, 2005
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