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Some of the hottest, sexiest girls ever, Italian girls have boobs, ass...anything a man could ever want (physically) in a girl. They usually have long, dark, and luscious hair which is just begging to be messed up ;) They usually tan easily, resulting in the well known Italian olive complexion.

Also, Italian girls tend to be extremely comfortable with their bodies, which means they wont skip a beat in removing ALL clothing whenever possible. Although there is the occasional Italian girl that is unfortunately hairy and fat, most of them take a great pride in their appearance and would NEVER EVER let that happen!

Italian girls can adopt all kinds of different styles (Preppy, Gansta, Guidette, Scene, etc.) - but either way they stay insanely attractive.
Boy 1: Dayuummm, did you see those sexy ass females that just walked by?
Boy 2: Yeah, they was attracting all the attention!!
Boy 1: Fuck, they must be Italian girls...
by sexyy_biitch July 09, 2009

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