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Bella is the most amazing Pearson. She is the best friend you want and is always there when you need her. She is athletic,talented,and beautiful on the inside and out. Bella is gorgeous and she knows exactly when you are in need and will always be there to catch you when you fall and will pick you right back up. Bella is the most talented Pearson I know.
Bella?? Omg I love you!!
by Sexybff May 08, 2013

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Shandi's are sexy and have nice boom booms. They are usually redheads and really feisty. A Shandi is like the best kind of friend you could ever have because they can be your sister, your mom, your wife, your pretend girlfriend when ugly guys are hitting on you, and overall just the best friend you could ever have. Shandi's are not necessarily the friendliest person you will ever meet, but that's not her fault, it's yours for being a dumbass, because she is always right. Shandi's also know everything, especially when you're faking smiling and then she makes you laugh for calling you out. She might be called a bitch sometimes, but that's because you deserve what you get from a Shandi and if you mess with one, you deal with her AND she probably has a best friend named Becca. Just an educated guess ;) So basically, if you know a redhead named Shandi, leave her alone, because she doesn't like you and she only loves her best friend, who's name is probably Becca, and hot guys.
I'm so lucky to have a best friend named Shandi, because her name says it all and she is perfect.
by sexybff September 29, 2012

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