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Generally a place for closet weeaboo and assholes, usually a combination of both, all the boards are complete shit and not worth looking at except for /b/ which has about 6 billion posts every half second.
Camwhores and other types of histrionic people come on so that they will become the next big meme or something, this, for the most part, fails.
It's also some sort of "Hacker Paradise" according to FOX News, what this actually means is, it has a large enough userbase to raid almost anyone and anything and people lacking enough social life to be able to spend time scouring the internet for personal information of said anyone.
Also it's anonymous, which uses the same tactic as the KKK in that if you disguise people, they lose their sense of indivuality and fear of being identified.
4chan, self-proclaimed asshole of the internet
by semen_pants September 22, 2007

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The self-proclaimed Sid Vicious for a new generation, quite accurate considering they are both untalented musicians who concentrate more on image and try their best to look "rebelious" "badass" and "punk rock" and was marketed and chosen by the establishment to make money off of kids trying to be "rebelious" "badass" and "punk rock".
Avril Lavigne: "I'm the Sid Vicious for a new generation"
by semen_pants September 21, 2007

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It doesn't matter if it's right or wrong once you are dead.
If you commit suicide nothing will matter anymore.
by semen_pants November 06, 2007

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A place where even the shittiest bands will be raved and respected and the ones that call them out on their bullshit will sink to the bottom.

A place where opinionless longass techincal definitions that are tl;dr will be the upmost defintion in a place that was intended to define things with wit and opinion.
Urban Dictionary today make me sad :(
by semen_pants November 13, 2007

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