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A form of mental hell. To be in Houstatlantavegas, is a dark place where depression is rampant, and one has lost both sanity and control it his or her actions. The victim will constantly have "bad days" become emotionally unstable and overly clingy. It is quite common to land in Houstatlantavegas after being played or going through a breakup.

Being in Houstatlantavegas may last from days to years. This is depending on how strong the will of victim is.
Person 1: What's wrong with him?
Person 2: He's in Houstatlantavegas
by seleadrian December 5, 2011
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When a amateur singer(s), or musician abuses the use of vibrato, because they think it sound good.
Person 1; wow shes a great sing
Person 2; no she's just a vibrato whore
by seleadrian January 16, 2010
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Your mother's rich friend, who spoils you in gifts as a result of sucking up.
How'd you get those nikes?
Fish Lady gave them to me.
by seleadrian September 4, 2011
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