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A military simulation using 1:1 scale replicas of real firearms that fire 6mm plastic spherical pellets. The sport focuses on realism, tactics, and strategy. The MilSim genre began with paintball, but milsim paintballers became fed up with the sport because all these kids in bright jerseys came along and gayified the sport, and therefore switched to airsoft--but it is possible for someone to be an airsofter and a paintballer, as I play airsoft with many of them. Unlike paintball, airsoft breeds mature and honest people, of course there are a few exceptions. What gives airsoft a bad reputation are these idiot kids who pick up $20 springers from Wal-Mart or the flea market and do drivebys.

I'm not an airsofter because I'm too much of a pussy to get a half-dollar sized bruise, I'm an airsofter because I like the military, but I am physically unable to join. I also prefer airsoft because of the realism in gear and gameplay.

Tokyo Marui makes the most reliable airsoft guns.
by sekiryu May 16, 2006
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AUG. Armee Universal Gewehr. 5.56x45mm, select fire, assault rifle manufactured by Steyr-Mannlicher of Austria. Used by the Austrian military as the Stg.77 (Sturmgewehr, year 1977), used by the Australian Defense Forces as the F88 AUSTEYRm and used by the Irish Defense Forces, among other numerous militaries.

It is a gas-piston operated rifle, using the revolutionary bullpup design (magazine and action located behind the trigger), and allows M16A2 length barrel, in an overall package the size of an M4A1 carbine. The stock is made of high-strength polymer, and has endured being run over by a Unimog over 30 times. The reciever is made of aircraft-grade aluminum casting, and either houses a 1.5x optic, or an optic rail. Barrels and receivers are fully interchangeable. Barrels include a 16" carbine, 20" rifle, and 24" HBAR (Heavy Barreled Assault Rifle), with a bipod. The magazines are made of translucent polymer, and can hold either 30 or 42 rounds.

Select fire is accomplished by a "pull through" trigger system: half-pull is semi-automatic, complete pull is full-automatic. There is a distinct stopping point between the pulls so that accidental discharge of full-automatic is rare.

Variants include:

AUG A1-receiver housing has either a 1.5x optic or rail mount
AUG A2-receiver housing has a removeable 1.5x optic or rail mount

AUG A3-essentially an AUG A2 with a RIS system.
The Steyr AUG was banned from the United States because it "looks menacing" and has fewer than 7 American made parts. In other words, the AUG was banned for bullshit reasons.
by Sekiryu May 05, 2007
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A Japanese company that designs and manufactures airsoft guns and accessories. Their airsoft guns are legendary for their internal reliability. The company also manufacters plastic models under the name Tamiya.
Tokyo Marui is Tamiya
by sekiryu May 21, 2006
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An anime that is said to be the archetype for all other anime, but it is extremely fucked up. All the characters are in desperate need of a psychiatrist, and the writers were smoking some very potent weed while creating this anime.

Some real-life guns appear in this series:

G11 carried by troops that were invading NERV
USP used by Misato
Glock 17/19 used by some NERV personell
Uzi used by NERV guards
Giant ACR used by EVA's
Giant Desert Eagle used by EVA's
The word "Evangelion" should be synonomous with "WTF".
by sekiryu July 05, 2006
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The JSDF is the Japan Self Defense Forces. It consists of the GSDF (Ground Self Defense Force), MSDF (Maritime Self Defense force), and ASDF (Air Self Defense Force).
The JSDF uses the Howa Type 89 Assault Rifle
by sekiryu May 21, 2006
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