3 definitions by seadog

1. (noun) Junk food: soda, candy, chips, etc.
2. (adjective) easy, low-stress work, bordering on a paid vacation
It's 3 hours until chow; I'm glad I bought some gedunk before going on watch.
by seadog June 9, 2004
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Street person, panhandler, who hangs out on Guadalupe Street ("the Drag") along the west side of the University of Texas (Austin) campus, leeching off the generosity of undergraduates.
I'd give a buck to that dragworm if he didn't try to sing along while he plays the guitar.
by seadog June 12, 2004
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An adjective describing the outward appearance of a person, usually a depiction of a haggard and unkempt appearance
I showed up to Prom in my pajamas; I looked like a ragamuffin.
by seadog April 25, 2017
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