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(n.) Sl.
1. One who persues anal sex for sexual pleasure or curiosity.
2. A homosexual male.
3. A proctologist.

This term may have come about after the likes of 2005's Brokeback Mountain--a film that depicts gay sex as a more pastoral undertaking.

"Rectal Ranger" can first be sited in 2005's Pretty Persuasion soon after Brokeback Mountains debut:

"These teachers, you know, hear it--these fucking dykes, lesbians, these feminists in the school system with their rectal-ranger buddies, you know; 'oh, it's the parents' fault, it's the upbringing.' Right. As if, what, kids couldn't inherently be fucking complete assholes on their own?"
Susie: "I bet you and your rectal ranger buddies always know how to pass the time when you're hunting for deer."

Bob: "...shut up...we don't have sex."
by scootie November 20, 2006

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