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making something appear to be more autonomous than it really is.

Adopted for automation from the term greenwashing, autonowashing, v. (v. autonowash, n. autonowasher, v. autonowashed) is the practice of making unverified or misleading claims which misrepresent the appropriate level of human supervision required by a partial or semi-autonomous product, service or technology.

Autonowashing may also be extended to fully autonomous systems, in cases where system capabilities are exaggerated beyond what can be performed consistently and reliably.

The objective of autonowashing is to differentiate and/or offer a competitive advantage to an entity, through the use of superficial verbiage meant to convey a level of system competence that is misaligned with the technical specifications of the system.
Tesla has been autonowashing the capabilities of their Autopilot system.
by scifo May 23, 2019
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Post-Burnout Anxiety (PBOA) is the feelings of anxiety one might experience after having recovered from burnout, while attempting to reenter the workforce.

PBOA is a sub-type of PTSD.
“My last work environment was so toxic, I’m having post-burnout anxiety about what the next environment might be like.”
“I’m having PBOA thinking about returning to a 9 to 5 position.”
by scifo August 12, 2019
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