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The term used by the actor who played Loki in both Thor and the Avengers, Tom Hiddleston. It is used to embody the trickster essence of his character Loki: the God of Mischief. Usually said aloud after one plays a silly or light-hearted joke on someone else. It originated from an MTV After Hours video where Tom Hiddleston and Josh Horowitz act out a little skit in which Tom plays a few dorky tricks on Josh (usually can be viewed on Vimeo).
Josh: -paying for his lunch- What, probably about ten bucks, right?

Cashier: Actually, it's been payed for already

Josh: What?

Tom: -pops out from around the corner- EHEHEHEHE! You're such an idiot, I bought your lunch for you! ehehehe you've been loki'd again! LOKI'D!

Josh: ...okay, got me again...
by sassysloth July 03, 2012
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A British/Irish Boyband which consists of five sexy boys who make girls' ovaries explode.
Niall Horan Harry Styles Liam Payne Zayn Malik Louis Tomlinson One Direction

Girl 1: did you see Harry Styles' new tattoo!?
Girl 2: Ikr rip ovaries!!!
by Sassysloth January 09, 2014
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