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Killing something then leaving it to rot (worse than just death)
Ima decompose that bitch!
by samk(: May 21, 2009
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face meets palm
1. teacher: you added instead of subtracted on this problem so you lose 10 points
you: fuck! *fmp

2. dumb blonde: the capital of United States is Los Angeles
date: O___o *fmp

3. you have to babysit two naughty kids cuz your mom had to run some important errands. they run around and mess up the house, forcing you to clean up after their mess. then they accidentally break your mother's expensive china and spill drinks on your white carpet floor. you get hurt running after them and telling them to stop, all while worrying about how you're gonna finish that stack load of homework you're suppose to be doing cuz it's due first thing tomorrow morning. *fmp&fml moment
by samk(: December 18, 2010
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