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someone who believes that their vast and ultimately unnecessary knowledge of sports makes them a better sports watcher. they will often ridicule, or speak condescendingly towards someone of lesser sports knowledge.
Louis: wow! that was a great touchdown pass...
Leo: thats what quarterbacks do...idiot...
Louis: don't be such a fucking sport snob
by sam boosak November 02, 2009

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Traditionally thought of as a ratio of 1 to 2, or a 50 % chance at something, the 1 out of 2 refers to an extreme type of diarrhea. It feels and has the sounds effects of a number one, but exits from and smells like the number 2. ( see butt-piss)
Jake: "oh man, i was on the highway trying to squeeze out a fart, and i totally 1 out of 2'ed it"
Tim: "man, i hope you showered yourself"
by sam boosak December 31, 2009

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