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A glorified community college out in the middle of Lubbock, which is out in the middle of nowhere and is full of strip malls. The students are all ill-mannered, rowdy and they love to drive drunk. They think this means they are a great party school because rednecks plus cheap beer = great party in Lubbock, TX. Most Tech students are in rehab within 2 years of graduation. If the idea of blowing people away with attending the Harvard of the Panhandle and majoring in Leisure Management and then getting a job managing a Costco appeals to you, then shoot for Tech! It has 4 different mascots and copies anything it can from other schools. Likes to pretend it's a major university and that UT is a rival, but that obviously isn't true. Leave Texas and nobody has heard of Tech, plus it's only rivals are sucky schools like A&M, A&M...who also likes to pretend it's a top school and that UT is a rival, despite every college ranking ever published showing it's a third rate farmer school. But at least Tech doesn't have a fake army that salutes a dog, I'll give them that. Lots of upper middle and just middle class kids from the metroplex who couldn't get into UT go to Tech, along with West-Texas-educated (that's an oxymoron) oil patch seesaw playing, cattle humping redneck offspring who are the first person in their family to go to college. You have to drive practically outside the city to get booze, which is odd, because Tech students are all drunks - but they have to live in Lubbock, so who can blame them. They have to stay drunk in order to stop themselves from committing suicide because Lubbock SUCKS. Gotta give the school props for having it's very own STD - Raider Rash. The girls who go to school at Tech are pretty, why they're pretty enough to be in Playboy magazine, which is every classy girl's dream come true. Playboy always goes to Tech when they want a spread (no pun intended) about college skanks. Those Tech tramps are more than willing to pose nude with an elegant Red Raider plushie or Tech banner. So pretty.
Did you see that bleach-blonde ho spread eagled in Playboy doing the 'guns up' sign? She graduated from Texas Tech and had to retire from her "career" because of Raider Rash.
by sabrinabeans November 11, 2007
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