2 definitions by s3ph

In the positive sense: To excessively want or talk about something

In the negative sense: Referring to something that someone has overly tinkered with, talked about or added to.
Positive Sense:
Person 1: I'm fapping so hard for Final Fantasy XXII

Negative Sense:
Person 1: ... And it's got 30 wing mirrors and 36 12 inch subwoofers and 11 wheels...
Person 2: omfg seriously. Your car is such a fap.
by s3ph October 14, 2007
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A comment issued by a person in response to another party excessively talking about or exhorting the benefits of anything; but especially something which doesn't really merit it.

It implies excessive masturbation over the continually mentioned topic.
Person 1: And then I get +2 to AC and D4 hit die, plus I get a bonus to my will and fortitude saves once per day, and I also get an extra feat every 6th level.... *etc*

Person 2: fap fap fap. stfu.
by s3ph October 14, 2007
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