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Some people call it the official wording when things you hear begin reaching the negative numbers. Regular sense is neutral, and people would generally call it "sense." There is also positive sense, common sense, etc., but none beats negative sense. It is when you hear something so bizarre, so crazy that you would believe it, but in actuality, you would never, EVER believe it. Trust in the negative sense, it is technically the 6th sense, but negative. Quite honestly, this definition almost makes negative sense, but it truly makes positive sense, guaranteed.

Sometimes you're wondering to yourself, "Does this make sense?" Half of the time it makes no sense, and the other half of the time it makes negative sense. Do not even try to add any excuses to this. When situations, stories, or simply bullshit begin making negative sense, it's what it is--negative sense. I believe.
Scenario #1
John #1: So yesterday, I met my bree and we shat bricks that lengthed the Great Wall of China.
John #2: Bruh, that makes negative sense...
John #1: Are you sure? ;)
Tyson: Oh my god... F**ken Jim >_>

Scenario #2
Woop: Ey bro, how'd you do on that midterm?
Bro: Dude, I got a negative score...
Woop: Dude, that makes negative sense...
Bro: I think it makes positive sense, negative times a negative is positive, amirite? ;)
Woop: Now THAT makes sense!
by Iron Pan December 23, 2015
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More than the opposite of sense. So opposited of sense that it becomes negative. Words people say that make so little sense, they actually unravel the fabric of the universe and destroy anything that was ever good in life. Negative sense, in a phrase, is bottled tears of confusion.
1. How are you doing?
You make negative sense.
Your face makes negative sense.
Point proven.

2. You are making negative sense of your life by reading this.
by tearsofconfusion March 22, 2014
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