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Shae is a beautiful, young, caring girl. She may be weak in some spots, but she's strong in others, especially in the mind. She's great in bed, giving you what you want. She has many friends but only a few close ones that she trusts in her little circle. She's a very open and trusting person, but once you screw her over, she will never trust you again. She's very loyal, kind, funny, and all over, a great person!
"She's so nice and pretty!"
"I know! She seems like a Shae!"
by ruff2387 April 23, 2019

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Corbin is a great person. He may sound like a retard, but once he steps into your life, he will for sure change it. Sure, he seems like someone who's a chicken, but he will stand up for his friends and family no matter what. He has a charming and silly personality, making the guys laugh and the girls blush. He isn't a virgin but he respects his present girlfriends and will do anything and everything to protect her. A fun but respectful guy to be around!
"Guys, have you seen him? He's so nice but charming!"
"Yeah, he looks like a Corbin!"
by ruff2387 April 23, 2019

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