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A Tantrump is when President Trump presence and or just speaking can result in individuals having a {Tantrump sounds like tantrum only with a p on the end.
Friend: Hey did you here Trump got away with high crimes and out of being Impeached?
Me: noise in the back ground with feet hitting ground and hands stomping floor and a animal like squel or pain.
Friend: Yo don't be having another Tantrump just vote dude!
by roxbox007 February 6, 2020
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When you find all the m & m's gone from the trail mix just know someone made it healthy for you by doing a

m & m trail fix! It is a selfless act to fix your mix and is a win win for all parties because who needs to mix candy with healthy food?
kids: who ate all the m & m's out of the trail mix I just got?
mom: I m & m trail fix that because you need to stay healthy
kids: Mom!!!!!!

mom: rofl you are welcome?
by roxbox007 February 6, 2020
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It is when a hot male orders his food via Uber eats picking up some Mc Donalds cause he doesn't want anyone to see him at an actual Mc Donalds. Or when a male orders Uber eats from up stairs and asks his little bro to go answer the door and bring it to him because he's too prideful to go get his own food himself.
yo yo I just say Hot Ken Barbie who owns a gym have Uber eats deliver Mc Donalds! He's got male order pride and he's a little foodie!
by roxbox007 February 6, 2020
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When one mask is not enough and you will need more masks to try to prevent a micro size virus from infecting you. An example would be compared to a fly being prevented from going through to chain link fences of multi fencing. It also helps to prove you are so virtuous by attempting to block such micro virus. Ignore the fact that you can still smell perfume that is not the point!
Me to my friend: "Polly, you need to wear two masks or this pandemic will never go away...please be kind and do your part!"
Polly to Me: "But I can still smell other smells so how will that help me by multimasking, with a virus that is much smaller than a perfume molecule?"
Me to my friend: "Polly, just do it!"
Polly to Me: "But this is not science...or anything logical?"
Me to my friend: "Polly, you just do not care do you?"
Polly to Me: "I guess I need to go along to be friends?"
Me to my friend: wink
by roxbox007 January 24, 2022
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Offense lyrics about the once beautiful name Roxanne chosen for your daughter who is now treated like a side chick, hoe, gold digger who only cares about herself and makeup...she is immediately told Roxannnnnnnnnnnnnne You don't have too....turn on the red llght ( that's a hooker light for when Roxanne's are up for sale) me thinks it is a red scarf laid over a light or a red glass fixture ect you get the picture. So if an attractive woman says her name is Roxanne please do not assume she is like the lyrics to these Roxanne wars with horrible boy bands like The Police where they ruin entire girl names like Titiana, Layla, California, Molly, Virginia, Gloria, Billy Jean, Diana, Betty, Dahlia, Eileen, Sherona, Stacy's Mom, Peggie Sue, Mrs.Robinson, Maggie May, Janie, ect.. Imagine what it is like to have an entire name ruined after you named your daughter which begs the question why there are no male names being ruined or used with negative images (oh they would like that...hmmm well that answers that question)
You: What's your name
me/ tired of Roxanne songs: Roxanne
You: Roxannnnnnnnnnne You don't have to turn on the red light...
me: I haven't heard that one yet
you: Really?
me: lol only everyday since 5th grade STOP!!!!!


You: what's your name?
Not in the mood me for listening to the Police song again/ Roxanne: Bertha
You: you don't look like a Bertha?
Not in the mood for listening to the Police song again/Roxanne: smiling Oh yeah smiling..(sorry Bertha's)
by roxbox007 January 23, 2020
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Where you go to shake someones hand placing your hand out and right when they go to shake your hand you pull it back and pretend like your running your fingers thru your hair! lololololo
Yo Yo did you see me Hand Fake} that dude who fell for my trick I really got him lololololo
by roxbox007 February 6, 2020
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