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this basically means two people who absolutly cannot live without sex and have in the past had equally as experienced love lifes.

coming form the average term nymphomaniac(sex addict)
nymfomany is complementary to a very sexually active couple who the genreal puplic feel will have a very exiting well lubricated relalsionship
louise- did you lot see allison and matty the other night
hayden- a know there were all over each other innit
sarah - i thought she was seeing that lewis from wakefield
sasha - i think its dead sweet their a good match in nymfomany
by rowanda February 09, 2008

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to sayhot fire means that you find someone amazingly attractive most commonly used in north london the phrase is developing in new york usa however they not only use it to describe someone being phyically fit they also use it to describe just about anything they like and/or find interseting.
jemal- you coming into town later?
brooky- nah mate am going town tonight
jemal- who with?
brooky- oh man just this girl have been trying
jemal- yeah yeah whats she like?
brooky- HOTFIRE innit
jemal- nuff said
by rowanda February 09, 2008

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inofuck stands for innaproprite fuck
basically when you are so horny and you find the slightist freakyist and most innapropriate of things arousing this state of mind what person goes through at some stage in life is annoying because it can make a pervert out of anyone with a pulse.
when you are inofucking youll find yourself drawn to random has-beens you may even find yourself fantasising about licking the nipple of your bus driver its seriously scary shit .
tanya- you arite michelle?
michelle -yeah am good you?
tanya- not too bad accept for the fact have been inofucking all day its driving me mad
michelle- time of the month innit we all get it

by rowanda February 09, 2008

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the meaning of cunt stringed is male being over ruled in the relasionship by the more dominant female because of sex he knows that he wont get the pleasure he desires if he takes the piss out of her so she becomes more and more powerfull as he will not dare do anything wrong to her
cassie- how are you and scott lately
keira- good good you know he didnt go with the lads to corfu
cassie- never why
keira- basically i told him that he wont be getting any if he leaves me for two week
cassie- awww thats well mean
keira- well if i couldnt get away with it i wont do it
its not my fault the boys cunt stringed
by rowanda February 09, 2008

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the meaning of tagged in most areas of yorkshire is to be tired or worn out or just simply lazy
usually said by people who have had a hard day and are in need of some relaxation
matty- youryte babe you look gorgeous
vicky- dont come it with me mate am not in the mood
matty- sorry love have you had a good day
vicky- well have its been non-stop at work i havent sat down have got a banging headache and am just not feeling good,dyou mind if i go lay down for a bit am proper tagged
by rowanda February 09, 2008

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means sex plainly and simply reffering to the art of taking each others clothes off and penetrating it might not sound the best word but you most often find your big strong grimey men asking you for shuffle and in my eyes call it what you want as long as i get it
katie- how long have you been home
andrew- about an hour you look gorgeous
katie- do i seriously
andrew- get that tight little wet cunt over here and gime some shuffle
by rowanda February 09, 2008

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