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People commonly found in outer city limits in Australia or small country towns. Attire is usually black in colour, jeans being tight and torn across the knees and on the lower bum cheek. The foot wear is usually one of the following 4; DB's Desert Boots or "Rollers", Ugg Boots, Rossie Shearers boots or no shoes at all. Shirts are usually flannel in nature or promoting bands such as MetallicA, PanterA, AC/DC, Sepultura, Iron Maiden or Megadeth. Hair is usually grown long, cut into a mullet or worn in dreadlocks, sometimes shaved but this results in them being mistaken for skin heads. Language is none other than loud and foul; ie "TRAVIS GET THE FUCK OUT OF THAT FUCKIN' TREE YOU LITTLE SHIT!". The common bogan is usually found to be drinking VB or Bundy. Without these valuable liquids, a bogan would surely perish. As far as diet is concerned the bogan preferrs meat, potatos and cheese because it is in their belief that any other vegetables/foods are for pussies. Transport is usually either by Holden or Ford. There is a long running feud within the bogan community as to which is better. The Tasmanian bogan is far different to the mainland bogan, as they listen to rap music and wear fubu, dada etc. This just goes to show how foolish the common Tasmanian is, mistaking "wiggers" for bogans. This brings much unwanted shame to the bogan community as a whole, being misrepresented by wiggers with poor taste in music and shiny clothing.
"Hey cop a load of that fella in the Iron Maiden shirt, WHAT A BOGAN!"
by Rowan January 31, 2005
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in reference to intercourse
I want to uckfay the hell out of you.
by rowan October 13, 2003
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like a spit roast, but it is only achievable underwater. it involves 2 guys and a chick, one guy at each end, and they spin the girl around.
when i was in space, we had a rotissarie for dessert
by rowan May 13, 2004
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a man who has sex with dead little boys
that man is a homesexualnecropedafeliac
by rowan April 01, 2005
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It (meaning an event) was very good i'll warrant you!
I just went to the polo game and then went fox hunting... it was very good i'll warrant you!
by Rowan December 12, 2003
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people who have nothing better to do than blame other people, and annoy the shit out of everyone else. people who instantly think that the 'government' must be to blame so they arrogantly annoy people, waste time, resources and money to bitch about something that they will have no effect on.
"those fucking war protesters are blocking the street again"
by rowan May 13, 2004
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the taste of a cashed bowlhit
damn , that hit tasted like bowlnuts"".
by rowan October 13, 2003
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