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everyone seems to be getting them wrong so here the record straight. these are the statictics as of apiral 2011

Worldwide Church Statistics

Membership 14,131,467

Missions 340

Missionaries 52,483

Missionary Training Centers 15

Temples (current 2011 number) 134

Congregations 28,660

Universities and Colleges 4

Seminary Students Enrollment 369,373

Institute Students Enrollment 348,111

Family History Centers 4,648

Countries with Family History Centers 127

Countries Receiving Humanitarian Aid Since 1985 178

Value of Humanitarian Assistance Since 1985 $1.3 Billions

Welfare Service Missionaries
(Including Humanitarian Service Missionaries) 8,583

Languages Church Materials Available 166

LDS Worldwide Statistics (Selected Countries):

Country Percent LDS Country Number of LDS

Tonga 46.0% USA 5,503,192

Samoa 36.0% Mexico 980,053

American Samoa 24.1% Brazil 897,091

Niue 12.0% Chile 534,754

Kiribati 10.7% Philippines 537,014

Tahiti 7.8% Peru 402,230

Cook Islands 8.3% Argentina 339,929

Marshall Islands 7.0% United Kingdom 180,095

Chile 3.3% Guatemala 196,777

Palau 2.1% Canada 166,442

USA 1.9%

Uruguay 2.5%

New Zealand 2.35%

Guatemala 1.34%

Honduras 1.6%

Bolivia 1.6%

Ecuador 1.2%

Peru 1.4%

Belize 1.0%
so yeah hope this clears some of the air that most LDS do not live in Utah.

Mormon/LDS stitistics
by rinnua July 3, 2011
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When you are really close friends with someone and you guys have the same benefits as a FWB relationship. The reason why this relationship is different then a FWB is because the two of you do HAVE an emotional connection as well and physical yet dont wanna be in a commited relationship together. although you are commited as friends. Just not as partners.

also when your in this kind of relationship its rare if other people know about it.

WORNING! because you guys are such close friends there is a huge possiblity that one or the other will want a commited relationship.

In the car coming back from SEA WORLD (after dropping off other peoples IDK)

FRIEND1(female): man that was a ton of fun we should do that again, you should have seen the look on your face >.< when you got soaked on that ride! *LMAFO*

FRIEND2(male): OH! get off it! you should have seen the look on your face, you looked like your head was about to be chopped off or something!


FRIEND1:hello dont tell me you forgot where my house is ;

FRIEND2: no....i just feel like kissing you.

KISSING INTHE CAR ^-^ YUPYUP hence Best Friend Sexual Relationship(BFSR)
by rinnua July 3, 2011
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