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AAU stands for Amateur Athletics Union. AAU is mainly popular in sports like basketball, however it is also in other sports as well. It is an extra league during the offseason for competitive players or talented players looking for scouts to offer them a college offer or get overlooked. AAU teams are frequent in every city, and to join an AAU team it usually costs money to be on the team as its a "travel" team, however, there's aid if you're good. It's basically a tournament, as you'll notice in most AAU settings there's many courts yet with little audience/many scouts.
Some AAU teams consist of Houston Hoops, Renaissance, and more. They battle it out for exposure for scouts and tournaments.
by rigbytheone9 June 14, 2022
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A myth. Something that isn't real.
Interviewer: Do you think vapes should be allowed in schools?

Yeat: Yeah.

Interviewer: What about popcorn lung?

Yeat: That's a myth. That's not real.
by rigbytheone9 July 23, 2022
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