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noun working class teenager who enjoys hanging round on street corners and generally being a nuisance. Easily identified due to their love of burberry hats, carbrining hoodys, trackies tucked into their white socks and either nike shocks or rockports on their feet. Also seen in helly hansen and berghaus coats, depending on the weather.

synonyms include chav, townie, shaz (female)
Look there go some kevs with their bottles of white lightning
by Ricky G April 08, 2005

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Hangtown is the most beautiful place on earth. Hidden in northern california it is a historiical town with hard working men and beatiful women. It is a small prodominately christian town with beautiful forrest and charm. halfway between South Lake Tahoe and San Francisco, a scenic drive to sacramento or Reno. Hangtown is a much needed bright red spot on the unfortunately mainly blue california portion of the map. Hangtown is the last remaining piece of the california portion of the old west. Cracker friendly. if you would like to move there please don't. they prefer originals but welcome tourists..then the tourists have to leave.
there are no examples you just gotta see it...then leave hangtown
by ricky g May 08, 2013

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verb to kiss someone using tongues
yeah, I pieced her last night
think you will get a piece off her?
by Ricky G April 08, 2005

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