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City in the north east of england, (this is from someone who is neither a geordie nor a mackem). It is like every city, has its bad areas, as well as very nice areas, a few bad areas DOES NOT make a city a shithole, so up yours muchly sunderland. If you plan to visit Newcastle i recommend you go to Gosforth, Jesmond, Westerhope or Dene, nice areas with friendly, middle class people. I would avoid Benwell, Elswick, Scotswood and Byker, the not so nice areas. There is plenty to do in the city centre and if you know the right places to be, Newcastle is one hell of a city!!!!!!!!!!
Guy 1: I might visit Newcastle, what do you think?
Guy 2: Do, it's awesome, keep away from the shitholes though!

Guy 1: I hear there are some great pubs in Newcastle.
Guy 2: There really are, especially The Strawberry!!
by rice_krispies March 24, 2011

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someone who accuses people of or criticises them of things they do themselves, i know about 12 and want to kick the shit out of them all.
Sir Alex Ferguson: that guy is an arsehole.
Commentator: Pfffft, hypocrite.

Sir Alex Ferguson is an arrogant hypocrite.
by rice_krispies April 06, 2011

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