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Somewhat of an improvement from the early 2010s. Some notable improvements include awful brostep dying out, memes becoming somewhat funny again, and the new generation of games consoles releasing.
The mid-2010s lasted from 2013 to 2016.
by rheinmetall February 10, 2019

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1. Two different locations described in the Bible.
2. Some ritzy place in California

3. A stripper tier girl's name
4. How low IQ people pronounce the word "caramel".
You can instantly tell that a person is religious if they mention Carmel in a religious sense, that a person is rich if they live in Carmel, that a woman is a stripper if her name is Carmel, and that a person is stupid and illiterate if they pronounce "caramel" as "carmel".
by rheinmetall December 21, 2019

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