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french kissing + fingering a chick, as italian always happen to finger the girl they're kissing.
Stephany: so how wasi it last night?
Jessica: great, even though we just italian kissed
Stephany: you meant "french kissed", didn't you?
Jessica: no, i meant italian kissed, for we french kissed and he fingered my muffin
Stephany: you're right, that always happens with italians
by rexart September 02, 2007
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one amongst thousand ways to say fuck off in italian (litterally: fuck yourself)
guy: ke bel culo! ke ne dici di prenderci dento 'sta spada?
girl: ke cazzo hai detto? fottiti!

guy: what a piece of ass! how 'bout takin' this sword in it?
girl: what the fuck did ya say? fuck yourself!
by rexart February 19, 2007
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