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Similar to the phrase "No Homo" in that it is said before or after a statement that may sound gay, or in this case, racist.
White Person 1: Do you like my new car?
White Person 2: Naw, I don't like black... No Racist.

Black Person: Dude, you need to go shopping for food for the party tonight, don't get crackers tho, cuz I don't like Crackers... No Racist.
by remodwof March 14, 2009

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The most amazing, annoying, addicting, beautiful, great, awesome flash video ever created! The creator of this must have been doing Meth, Coke, Smack, Speed, Cannabis, Ultram, Tramal, Tramagetic, Heroin, Temgesic, Transtec, Subutex, Ketaset, Ketanest, Ketalar, dex, dextro, skittles, robo, Xanax, Lexotanil, Librium, Rivotril, Klonopin, Valium, Temesta and Ativan, Weed and Crack, all at the same time!
Normal Person: Dude, You are an idiot!
Idiot: Nuh Uhh!!
Normal Person: No for real... You Are An Idiot, Ahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahh!
by Remodwof March 04, 2009

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When you hear the same couple songs over and over, which makes you get sick every time you hear one of the songs.
I used to listen to my iPod, until I got major musick, because I don't have very many songs on it.

I listen to the radio a lot, but I got Musick, because Womanizer, Just Dance, Live Your Life and Whatever you Like are the only songs they play.
by remodwof March 05, 2009

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1. Obamanation is the new horrible nation (run by Obama)
2. Because it is run by Obama that makes it an Abomination
3. What Satan said to Obama.
Satan: Obama, go make yourself useful and.. umm.. uhh.. oh bomb a nation.

Obama: But this is such an Abomination!

Satan: Yes I know! >:] Go make this world evil... Make it an Obamanation.

Obama: YIPPIEEE YAY!!!!11 IM SO EXCITED!!!!11 DO I GET ICECREAM????/!!!!!111 wait......... can i be blak?? cuz then all the blak ppl will vote me!!!11 even tho i dont kno crap bout n e ting. yayyyyy
by remodwof March 05, 2009

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