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A touhou character that first appeared in the PC game Touhou 11. Utsuho Reiuji (霊烏路空) is a Hell Raven, or yatagarasu, holding the power to control nuclear fusion. Her character design shows remarkable resemblance to Chernobyl. She is sometimes referred to as "The Black Bird of Chernobyl", though a comparison between her Yatagarasu eye and the eye of Sauron has also been made. Utsuho spends more of her time maintaining an underground geyser, together with Rin Kaenbyou
I just got myself into stage 6, the Blazing Hell, and boy did my shrine maiden complain about the heat. It wasn't until we encountered the boss, Utsuho Reiuji, that she finally stopped complaining
by redtails August 08, 2011

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A blue seal from the japanese television series and likewise-named manga. Sometimes referred to as ぼのぼの. Bonobono was featured in a manga written by Mikio Igarashi, an anime directed by Cae Crab, several videogames (Bonogurashi), several TV anime films and several cinema anime films.
Bonobono lives with his friends Shimarisu and Araiguma.
by redtails February 27, 2011

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Soundcloud is a terrible website for indie and doujinshi music publishing, greatly overwhelmed by lazy-ass Fruityloops users still dependent on midi files. Nearly every soundcloud user will try to whore his music around as much as possible, going to great extend to get their ego stroked as much as possible. Soundcloud's limitations are vast and almost force any serious musician into paying big bucks, while at the same time you're listening to true Napster/Kazaa quality 128kbit mp3 artifacts in the 21st century.
A: Wth man, why are you using soundcloud? Even youtube has higher audio quality and they're not even pretending to care about musicians!

B: Yeah but I like embedding their little player on every forum and website I come by..
by redtails August 06, 2011

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