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Michael is the name of an amazing guy. Usually a little bit air headed, and laughs to hide his pain. Michaels are liked by everyone, and doesn't seem to notice it. Nice blue eyes and usually an amazing guitar player. Unintentionally a heartbreaker, has dozens of girls killing for one date with him. The funny part is that he still doesn't notice. Appears to be confident, but is truly shy and has a dark side that his admirers won't understand.
Girl #1: Michael? He's such a badass!
Girl #2: And have you seen him play the guitar?!
Girl #1: Is he good!?
Girl #2: He's amazing!
by redhood November 25, 2013
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A ugly swedish cock blocked goth kid who makes videos of playing with toys on YouTube. He usually fucks and cums on chairs to show dominance. If you see this creature... Fucking run!
Dude 1: "yo what's that?"

Dude 2: "oh shit! It's REDHOOD PRIME TF! RUN!"
by redhood March 21, 2020
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An expression used by drunk dummies to let others know when (s)he likes something shiny.
If this were Facebook, ya know, I like that.
by redhood November 10, 2009
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An epic combination of the word Dick and delicious, used between two bros and or opposite sex friendships, to describe their attractiveness to each other in a non sexual way. Its often used as an alternative to calling someone a "Snack" and or complimenting their Peen. The word was created by the Virgin goth kid, known as REDHOOD PRIME TF, who has also written this because DICKALICIOUS needs to become a word used outside his friend group......what a loser.
girl : " hey do i look fat?"

guy: " hell no! youre Dickalicious"

Girl: " awh thank you Mike. youre Dickalicious too"

guy: "No problem Abz. "

( or )

Guy 1: "hey Zach. youre fucking Dickalicious, bro"

Guy2: "thanks mah Nigga. you dickalicious too"
by redhood June 10, 2020
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