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The particularly defined area on the lower male torso that runs from near the hip down towards the pelvis. Most commonly found amongst surfers and yoga masters.

NB. To achieve such definition requires a very toned physique, almost undoubtedly including a six pack.
Check out the dude grooves on that guy!
by rchinn May 13, 2004
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Phrase used to denote ones lack of interest in an item that is still currently popular.

The preposition 'so' can also be used to denote chronic lack of interest.
jenna: "have you heard the new britney single?"
briana: "nah, i'm over it"

mugatu: "hansel, he's so hot right now!"
derek: "i am so over it"
by rchinn April 30, 2004
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A crazy nutter that just cant get enough cock.
You know that girl katie? She is a total cocknut.
by rchinn April 29, 2004
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