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A song from the kpop group (G)-Idle (Pronounced Jee-Idol) that’s about women empowerment. About girls being confident, whether they’re thick or thin. Written by Soyeon, one of the girls in the group. Saying ‘kingcard’ is rude because it ignores the meaning of the song queencard. If you say kingcard, DNI. 🥰
“Don’t say that about her! She’s such a queencard.”
“I’m a kingcard!”
“Leave. Rn.”
by razziekai September 30, 2023
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A derogatory term (Female dog) used against women. Women can use cunt and bitch. Men shouldn’t, but do it anyway.
Woman1: “Hey cunt, how are you??”
Woman2: “I’m fine bitch. How are you?”
Guy1: *randomly joins conversation* “Hey cuntsss!”
Both Women: “You’re a man. You can’t say that.”
by razziekai August 11, 2023
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An artist who makes songs like “I CAN’T DO THIS” or “I don’t wanna die.” Check them out! They’re really good.
I love K3NT4!”
by razziekai October 9, 2023
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A stupid fucking word that cringe people think is ‘funny.’ A short version of delusional. No, you’re not ‘delulu’ because you like a guy and say he likes you back, since you know he doesn’t. Delusional people usually don’t know they’re delusional. So, disrespectfully shut up.
Person 1: “Omgg, I’m so delulu he wants me back.”
Person 2: “Shut up you fucker, you’re not delusional.”
by razziekai July 28, 2023
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