Basically a popular girl who doesn't give a sh*t about anything and is confident
I am a Queencard, you wanna be the Queencard? ((G)I-DLE reference)
by Mikuyaa June 27, 2023
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Every girl is a queencard. A queencard doesn't give a sh*t about anything and embraces her true self.
A girl wearing whatever, queen ca-ca-card
A girl who's thin or thick, queen ca-ca-card
A girl full of confidence, queen ca-ca-card
I am a queencard, you wanna be the queencard?
- (G)I-DLE
by Mikuyaa July 17, 2023
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'Queencard' is a word used specially for girls who are confident, thick/fat or skinny. And the word 'Queencard' can also be the definition that a girl can pull off any outfit. 'Queencard' is made by writer and K-pop idol Soyeon from the GirlGroup (G)-idel.
You are a Queencard!
by Queencard August 12, 2023
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mizuki akiyama from project sekai colourful stage ft. hatsune miku
did you know mizuki is a b-

they’re literally a queencard! shut ur goofy ass up.
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Is someone who wears what they want doesn't matter if their thin or thick their a queencard and also someone who is confident is totally a queencard
"Your the definition of a queencard."
by nai4loveee May 25, 2023
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A song from the kpop group (G)-Idle (Pronounced Jee-Idol) that’s about women empowerment. About girls being confident, whether they’re thick or thin. Written by Soyeon, one of the girls in the group. Saying ‘kingcard’ is rude because it ignores the meaning of the song queencard. If you say kingcard, DNI. 🥰
“Don’t say that about her! She’s such a queencard.”
“I’m a kingcard!”
“Leave. Rn.”
by razziekai September 30, 2023
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