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kirk hammet of metallica...what can you say other than one of the greatest guitar players of all time. when you play 200 plus dates on the same tour,(black ulbum)shredding the living fuck out of them guitars,man!!! you got to respect that....
kirk hammet of metallica kicks fucking ass!!!!!
by raz master August 14, 2006
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jason newstead,played bass in metallica for 14 years until band member problems...proved himself almost overnight by his killer bass solos in concert,and back up vocals...he now is with supernova as they host tv show rockstar looking for there lead singer...jason newstead will always be mr. metallica
jason newstead kicks it up on bass!!!!!
by raz master August 25, 2006
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the canadian term for money...
"hey jimmy"got any spawnduelux for some grub?
by raz master September 04, 2006
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asshole is an outlet for poo poo and and a inlet for gay fucks...it also can be a term for nasty peoplelike mewho bash on gay fucks...
man,what an asshole...
by raz master September 07, 2006
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someone who fucks,but yet they are as dumb as fuck!!!
how the hell does a dumbfuck get the chance to get fucked?
by raz master October 09, 2006
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