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superlative form of baller, which is the comparative form of ball.

ball < baller < ballest

"you think you're a baller? im the ballest"

"a McLaren F1 is the ballest car you can buy"
"Bill Gates is a baller, but Warren Buffet just became the ballest"
by ray bot March 26, 2008

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someone you know, but do not necessarily like, but cannot seem to get rid of. a "friend" in your group that no one claims to introducing to everyone, an ex-significant other who you still have sexual relations with, or a family member that you feel obligated to invite to get togethers.
friend: "man, who invited Bob to the party?"
other friend: "not me, but someone here had to bring that Shitbird"

dude: "man, it's been a long time since i got any play, im calling what's-her-face"
other dude: "oooooooh, bootycalling the Shitbird!"

uncle: "you know we don't approve of your brother and his 'wife'. why did you bring them to my party?"
nephew: "it's not my fault, he saw me making the beer run, i had no idea i was going to be Shitbirding today!"
by ray bot March 26, 2008

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