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is a phrase commonly used to refer to the feelings you get towards something of appeal. It is a common phrase among pop culture *ie kpop, army/armies, and other fandoms.
example: Jeon Jungkook is so cute and squishy, I'm soft *or I'm soft for him/her
by rapmonnie_kookie December 01, 2017
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When something that happened in your life or someone else’s life is sad as fuck but it’s totally fine/okay
Dawn: hey dude are you still broke? And your parents won’t give you money
You: yeah man fuck sad lyfe but okay
by rapmonnie_kookie February 15, 2019
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Basically it’s finding or looking something so cute that it makes you UwU and being a simp/simply sulking in the person or thing you find cute or UwU for
I’m a fat UwU simp for kpop idols they are so cute!!!!!
by rapmonnie_kookie December 20, 2020
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